The Easiest Flower Braids Ever

Step One: Separate a small section of hair towards the top of your head into a small ponytail with a clear elastic. You really don’t need to tie off much hair at all!

Step Two: Divide this ponytail into two even sections.

Step Three: Twist both sections in the same direction; I twisted both of my sections to the right.

Step Four: Twist the sections together in the opposite direction; since I twisted each individually to the right, I twisted them together to the left. This makes a simple rope braid.

Step Five: Twist to the ends of your hair and tie off with a small elastic. If you’ve done your rope braid right, the twists will hold together on their own.

Step Six: Take your rope braid up and spin it around itself; I like to place the end of the braid in the center and curl the rest of the braid around that. Pin in place with a couple of bobby pins.

So easy right? And it looks like a little rose! I love how you don’t have to use much hair at all to create this style so you can still have a full look with the hair left down…in fact you use so little hair, why not double or triple the look up?For 

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