How to Take a Mental Health Day Without Feeling Guilty

Medical experts claim that in order to remain productive and perform, workers should take a mental health day every now and then. However, most people still feel guilty being away from work to rest their brain. Here are a few steps to take that much needed day off without adding guilt and pressure.

Identifying The Need For A Day Off

Think about your sleeping pattern. Whether you’ve experienced nightmares that have been waking you up at night or overall insomnia, a disrupted sleeping pattern can signal stress and a feeling of anxiety. Monitor your sleep in the last six weeks. Have you noticed a difference? Do you sleep significantly less?

Reflect on your stress tolerance. You don’t deal with stress as well as you used to and you feel more fragile. Each deadline is a source of major anxiety and you don’t know how to cope anymore. If you notice a negative evolution in your stress tolerance, it’s probably time to act.

Discuss with your family and friends. Those who know you the best, your family and friends, will probably notice if you’re in desperate need for a break. Talk with them about your stress and ask them for their opinion. If you have a strong relationship, they will give you the best advice.

Check that you’re not suffering from a serious condition. A day off is ideal to relax but not enough when you have a serious physical or mental condition. You should talk to a doctor or a specialist if you suspect a depression or any other health issue.


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