Gather your materials. You will need some plastic beads, silver pipe cleaners, scissors, and ribbon. Hot glue gun to add the ribbon.

Snowflake ornaments for winter

Make a snowflake from the pipe cleaners by twisting them carefully around each other. I did that step the night before.

Pop the beads into a small bowl and start beading. The pipe cleaners should stop the beads from rolling everywhere so even little hands can thread them on and not worry about the beads falling off before you bend the ends. Tell the children to leave some room at the end of each spoke, but if they don’t, you can just remove a bead or two.


For younger children who don’t have the dexterity to hold the premade snowflake they can also make “icicles” and you can twist them into a snowflake or leave them as is. If I had two kids at home, I’d be twisting it into snowflakes, but in a class of twenty, I think we might end up with an icicle display, that’s a lot of twisting!


Beading is such a wonderful activity for little hands, it encourages gentleness, it refines fine motor skills, and often even encourages counting and pattern making too. Whether you make icicles or snowflakes all those benefits will still be a part of this activity. 

Twist the ends and use some hot glue right in the middle to add the ribbon to hang in your window, if you want this to be a Christmas ornament you can skip the ribbon and just stick it in the tree, at least that’s what we did!


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