Books are, by far, my favorite gift to give and receive. That has since translated to my son, as well. Whenever a family member asks me what to get my son for his birthday or Christmas, I always tell them a book!

Books are so beneficial to children. They teach them vocabulary, life lessons, history, science, proper grammar…they also enhance childrens’ imaginations, help them relax, and, well, reading is just fun!

While I totally adore classic books and books of various subjects, we are pretty crunchy in this house and that expands to our reading material, as well.

I love finding books made from recyclable material. But also, books that explore eco-friendly topics – like recycling, energy conservation, and wildlife conservation. I want my son to grow up surrounded by tools that will teach him how to care for our earth.

While options for eco-friendly books are not as wide spread as I’d like them to be, there are quite a few that I am going to recommend for you!


  • Green Start
    • Green Start is a line of books by innovativeKids that doesn’t just cover eco-friendly and nature topics, but is also made from 98% recycled materials and non-toxic ink. Not to mention, the illustrations are beautiful! These books are geared toward ages 3-6, but my 2 year-old loves them. Here are some of our personal favorite books form Green Start:
      • In the Garden
      • Little Helpers
      • One Tree
      • Animals Everywhere
  • Little Green Books
    • Little Green Books is another series of eco-friendly books. I absolutely love that the messages in these books that not only educate, but inspire kids to take action. The interior pages of these books are made from 100% recycled paper. Little Green Books are such a fun read! These are our favorites:
      • I Can Save the Earth: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
      • The Polar Bear’s Home: A Story About Global Warming
      • The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling
      • The Adventures of an Aluminum Can: A Story About Recycling
      • Don’t Throw That Away: A Lift-the-Flap Book About Recycling and Reusing
      • I Can Save the Ocean: The Little Green Monster Cleans up the Beach

The Three R’s: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle by Nuria Roca – This book is an excellent book full of valuable information and lessons about reusing items, reducing waste, and recycling. It also includes activities for children and information for parents! The age range is 3-6.

EIEIO: How Old MacDonald Got His Farm with a Little Help From a Hen – This is a wonderful book about organic and sustainable gardening and farming! It’s a witty backstory to the popular children’s song and even talks about composting (awesome, right?!) This book is geared toward children 4-8 years old, but it’s a fun, inspiring, and educational read regardless of age.


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