Cheats of the game Starcraft

Some Cheats of Starcraft

Genres:  Real-time strategyStarCraft_history

Developers: Blizzard Entertainment

Publishers: Blizzard Entertainment

Creators: Chris Metzen, James Phinney

Platforms: Microsoft Windows Classic, Mac OS, Nintendo 64

First release StarCraft: March 31, 1998

Latest release StarCraft: Remastered August 14, 2017


10,000 Mineral And Gas Cheat – Enter: show me the money.

Disable Food And Psi Requirements – Press enter and type: food for thought

Disable Tech Tree – Press enter and type: modify the phase variance

Disable Victory On Current Level – Enter: staying alive

Build Fast Mode – Enter: operation cwal

Free Tech Upgrades – Enter: medieval man

Free Unit Upgrades – Enter: something for nothing

Infinite Energy – Enter: the gathering
Instant Level Loss – Enter: game over man
Invinicible – Enter: power overwhelming
Lift The Fog Of War – Enter: war aint what it used to be
Also: black sheep wall

Resource Cheats StarCraft

500 Vespene Gas: breathe deep
500 Minerals: whats mine is mine
10k Minerals and Gas: show me the money
Build Beyond Supply Limit – Enter: food for thought
Disable Enemy Psionics – Enter: noglues

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