7 Sneaky Spots In Your Home That Are Probably Full Of Germs

Believe it or not, your children and pets aren’t the only ones living rent-free in your precious pad. These household nooks, crannies, cleaning materials and playthings are “home, sweet home” for all sorts of germs and bacteria. Give these spots a good clean to steer clear of the cold, flu and other sicknesses.


The very sponge you use to clean your dishes may actually be home to a bevy of bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella.


If your towel isn’t fresh out of the dryer after a nice, thorough wash, it’s likely loaded with all sorts of bacteria. Make sure to hang that towel back up after using it, because a damp towel is a dirty towel.


Unfortunately, there’s no off button for bacteria. Remote controls are one of the most germ-covered things in a home. Now that you know, no marathon of shows should be enough to distract you from that.


The next time your pet gives you that look, you know the one, when you tell them to get off your bed, stay strong. In addition to ticks and fleas, your four-legged friend could be carrying MRSA, rabies, all sorts of worms. That means their personal sleeping spot needs to be washed regularly.


When it comes to cleaning, it seems that many people have a “what happens in the microwave, stays in the microwave” philosophy. Well, that kind of attitude could be making you sick. It’s important to sanitize your microwave unless you want your leftovers served with a side of E. coli.


Allergens like pollen, dust, and dust mites are all around your carpet, but it can also be home to bacteria—and every time you step foot on it, you’re bringing them closer to the surface.


Don’t be left in the dark: light switches, like any other surfaces frequently touched by others, can be a launchpad for colds and viruses.

Source: redbookmag.com

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