6 Great Tech Gadgets for School-Aged Kids

Equip your kiddo with the latest tech devices while still managing screen time

For the Preschooler

If your little one is itching to play with a tablet, get him one with heavy-duty hardware to survive drops and bounces. Leapfrog’s comes with games designed for learning.

For the Reader

This handy tablet comes with everything: a yearlong subscription for age-appropriate books, games, apps, and more from the likes of PBS and Disney; controlled access to apps like Netflix and Minecraft; a kid-proof case; and even a two-year replacement guarantee.

For the Classroom iPad

Make sure that school-issued tablet lasts all year with a heavy-duty case. This model does one better with a built-in handle that transforms into a stand.

For the Builder

Future coder or engineer on your hands? Grab one of Kano’s kits so your budding STEM-lover can learn to build her own computer and get an easy intro to coding.

For the Music Lover

Worried about how loud those standard headphones can get? These have volume limiting to keep young eardrums safe, while having a sleek design, multiple color choices, and Bluetooth capability, making these the coolest headphones on the block.

For Homework in the Cloud

If homework assignments tend to require Google Docs and Sheets, get your kiddo this affordable Chromebook that’s designed for working in Google Apps. The spill-proof keyboard and solid body should help it last, but the affordable price point means it’s not a huge loss if it sustains some damage.

Controlling Screen Time on iOS

If your child uses an iOS device, the newest operating system (coming fall 2018), iOS 12, will have a “Screen Time” feature to track how much, and when, a phone is being used. The feature will also be able to schedule “Downtime” when the phone can’t be used, perfect for parents to set bedtime or other time restrictions. iOS also offers parental controls inside of its settings. It uses a password to set these controls, but make sure not to forget it–you’ll have to wipe the device and restore it to its original settings if you do, which can be a hassle.

Controlling Screen Time on Android

On Android devices, you can set parental controls or screen time limitations using Google’s Family Link app. Create bedtimes and daily limits for use on your child’s account, and restrict access to select content.

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