6 Foods That Will Help Lower Your Cholesterol

High cholesterol is something you don’t want to mess around with: Having the waxy build-up in your blood increases your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. But add these foods into your diet if you wan to try to lower your cholesterol through what you eat.


The monounsaturated fatty acids found in avocados have been found to improve LDL cholesterol levels. It’s good practice to try and swap out foods high in saturated fat for foods that contain monounsaturated fatty acids whenever possible.


Keep this one in moderation. Studies have shown that small amounts (around a half-ounce) of dark chocolate can lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. It’s all about those flavanoids, which are the antioxidants that help cells resist damage.


Just like avocados, monounsaturated fatty acids are the major players at work here. Swapping out your butter for olive oil can really help push your health in a better direction.


Although food made from soybeans (like tofu) aren’t as powerful in lowering cholesterol as initially believed, you can still lower your cholesterol by consuming soy protein every day.


Embrace the power of purple! This vegetable is full of soluble fiber, according to Harvard Medical School, which consumes the bile acid in your body and prompts the body to target the cholesterol in your liver to make more.


Whether you’re a seed gal or prefer your pomegranates in juice-form, you’re sure to reap the fruit’s cholesterol-lowering powers: “Any form of pomegranate — whether the arils or the juice — could help control cholesterol by slowing its buildup,” says Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, New Jersey-based dietitian and owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition.

Source: redbookmag.com

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