12 Tips for Throwing a Gorgeous White Winter Wedding

Here’s how to make the most out of a white winter palette, according to industry pros.


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Balance the Palette

“Don’t be afraid to accent your white palette with a pop of color or a few wintry neutral tones; it will add contrast and interest. And if your venue allows, definitely take advantage of natural winter light, as it will make your whites glow and give your photos an ethereal appearance,” says Kristy Rice of Momental Designs.

Add Some Shimmer

While all-white weddings are undeniably gorgeous, you have to be careful not to end up with washed-out table design. “Choose a linen that has a lot of texture or sheen or even hints of metallic. Linens with hints of silver or light gray or gold are the best to have your white flowers, white votive candles, and white china pop off of,” suggests Sara Fried of Fête Nashville.

Consider Texture
“All-white weddings are an easy way to create a classic and sophisticated vibe. Create interest in this monochromatic palette by using flowers of all textures, like trendy peonies, romantic roses, ruffled ranunculus, and feathery astilbe,” says Liza Roeser Atwood.

Think in 3-D

Texture is key when designing all-white weddings. For this place setting, Kate Goddard of Wild Sky Events paired a textured white charger with a silver crosshatch pattern, a white hemstitch napkin, and a handmade paper menu with dusty gray-blue calligraphy. She topped the whole piece off with a beautiful winter anemone.

Go Vertical

To create dimension, play with the height of your floral centerpieces and table décor elements such as candles and table signs. This will make your venue look more lavish, which is perfect if your wedding is taking place in a ballroom.

Curate Cozy Spaces

Start off with a clean all-white palette and then add simple elements to make it cozier and more alluring. “When you are working off of a clean background of white, the winter elements of plaids, furs, and golds really pop and make much more of a statement without overdoing it,” suggests Alexandra Swanson of Archive Specialty Rentals.

Set the Tone

Fact: Calligraphy makes everything better. Opt for an all-white stationery suite with elegant calligraphy typeface and a custom illustration or your couple’s monogram to personalize your invites, envelopes, and thank-you cards.

Craft the Ultimate Statement Cake

This show-stopping and lavish cake display is actually very easy to re-create. Opt for a half-naked cake topped with lush white roses. Then add some more blooms at the base and hang flower garlands of different lengths behind it. Simple white votive candles will add a romantic vibe to it.

Add Functional Touches

Want your guests to actually use your wedding favors? Opt for water bottles and matching monogrammed koozies that will certainly come in handy when your friends and family go back home.

Set up Natural Contrast

“An all-white palette is easily grounded and brought together with beautiful greenery. Without actually adding color, you’ve made your whites pop, added dimension and texture, and set the stage for that gorgeous bright white to shine,” explains Danielle Aspromatis of d’Luxe Events.

 Dote on Details

“Other details that will complement your palette but won’t compromise the integrity of an all-white wedding are details like bistro lighting, wood and natural accents such as floral receptacles and signage, and a splash of metallic,” adds Aspromatis. “The focus will still be on your whites but these details will just enhance the light and bright feel of your wedding.”

Go for Classic Blooms

There is a reason why so many brides opt for an all-white bouquet of peonies for their big day—the look is elegant and timeless. And because of their natural fullness, you can create a lavish bouquet with only a few of them. Peonies are a symbol of good fortune so that’s the perfect bloom to carry down the aisle.

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