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Youth Club: a New Era of Photography

Images by undergraduates are going on display at Free Range, which showcases an extensive selection of work from students at leading institutions. It opens on 29 June at Old Truman Brewery, London.

Planet of the Dispossessed

Vanessa Winship has travelled the world exploring rifts, erasures and people at the edges. The winner of the prestigious Henri Cartier-Bresson award is now the subject of a new show at London’s Barbican Photography Henri…

Cecil Beaton: Icons of the 20th century

The work of Cecil Beaton is having its first exhibition in Spain at the international photography and visual arts festival Photo España with a major retrospective of more than 100 images of leading figures in the British aristocracy and the…

Dog on the deckchair: Sussex in the 70s

Nuns by the seaside, lounging pooches and suited spectators are among the characters who populate the world of British photographer Dorothy Bohm, as captured on her trusty Rolleiflex. Source -