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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Review – A New Theater Of War Publisher: ActivisionDeveloper: Infinity WardRelease: October 25, 2019Rating: MatureReviewed on: PlayStation 4Also on: Xbox One, PC Modern Warfare is familiar in name,

Giving Ghost Recon Wildlands A Second Chance

One year after Ghost Recon Wildlands' release, and numerous updates later, Mike Mahardy returns to Ubisoft's open-world shooter. In May of 2017, Ghost Recon Wildlands released to what seemed like little…

Fortnite duo ride Shopping Cart to Spawn Island

Reach the unreachable. I'm a semi-regular Fortnite player, but I've never once tried to return to Spawn Island. A quick Google search informs me a sizeable chunk of players have made the trip by building bridges, parachuting straight from…