Here’s a planet-friendly diet that’s not vegan

Everyone needs to eat, but the way we’re doing it is wreaking ecological havoc. You’ve probably heard about how cows burp methane; sprawling farms eat up land that could otherwise be preserved for wildlife; and most crops are themselves fed a steady diet of mined phosphorus.

But what’s an average eater to do? Going cold turkey on meat is certainly possible. Ditto on other animal byproducts, from eggs to milk. Vegetarians and vegans are thriving—and even weight-lifting at elite levels. But maybe that’s not for you.

The 37 researchers from around the world published a new dietary recommendation in the journal The Lancet Planetary Health. It promises to be good for your health, and good for the globe, but doesn’t eliminate entire categories of food the way veganism does. Read the full article here.

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