Ask Yourself These 2 Questions Every Morning to Have Game-Changing Days

Some people journal every morning, while others meditate or work out. Personally, I begin every day by asking myself these two questions—a practice that has made me feel way more positive, focused, and supported.

As soon as I wake up, I ask, “What do I value the most today?”

Thinking this way helps direct me toward my biggest priority for the day ahead. Maybe it’s a work project, time with loved ones, or just rest, but every day, I choose what I want to put first.

I didn’t always do this—so often, it’s tempting to focus on what we don’t desire throughout our day. We might think, I really don’t want to have a headache right now, or I don’t want to be running late. But when we find ourselves getting stuck on what we don’t want, that can become an opportunity for us to decide what’s truly important. If you catch yourself thinking of all the things you don’t want to happen, ask yourself what type of values are important instead. What do you want to focus on today? Maybe connection, love, kindness, or contribution?

The second question: “How do I want to feel for the day?”

The feeling I choose is usually closely linked to what I want to value. If I decide to value work, I may choose to feel productive and creative. If I want to value my time with loved ones, I’ll want to feel generous and present.

This process is all about shifting our focus to what we can really do to prioritize our values and generate the feeling we do want, as opposed to what we don’t want. If you decide you want to feel healthy, vibrant, awake, free, effective, on time—and you keep your focus on those feelings—you’ll begin to shift your perspective.

I have honestly set an intention and turned my day around: I had a bad virus, and it really took me out of my daily routine. In the morning, I felt really sick and had to stay in bed. I could feel the guilt of not being able to keep up with my work start to creep up. But I was able to remind myself what my intention and my values were—and what I wanted to feel. I decided to value my health, and I wanted to feel rejuvenation.

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