Silver Skaters: the rise of skateboarding in California – in pictures

Le Legendary skateboard photographer Hugh Holland has published a book of previously unseen images capturing the growth of the skateboarding craze in California. From car ramps to empty pools, Silver Skater Seventies published by Abrams & Chronicle Books captures the exhilarating rise of skate culture.

Silver Skater at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego County, 1975.
Ninth Avenue Locals in San Francisco, 1977.
Laura Thornhill riding two boards at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego County, 1975.
Bull in the Mount Olympus neighbourhood in the Hollywood Hills, 1976.
Solo Scott sitting on his board at Kenter Canyon Elementary in Brentwood, Los Angeles, 1976.
Beverly Glen using his car as a ramp in Benedict Canyon, 1976.
Skating in a backyard pool, San Francisco peninsula, 1977.
Bystanders from Bahne Team in Northern San Diego County, 1976/77
Jeff Jones rides the concrete swell at the Viper Bowl in Hollywood, 1976.
Photograph: Hugh Holland
The Big Tubular, San Francisco peninsula, 1977.
Skater in the city of Costa Mesa, 1975.

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