Wash a Chest Binder

Many people who bind with chest binders have had the realization on laundry day that they need to wash their binder, and have no idea how to wash it. Since binders are considered delicates, they usually shouldn’t be washed the same way you wash your normal clothes. While most binders come with instructions on how to wash them, if you lost the instructions or got a used binder without the instructions, there are some general tips that apply to washing any binder.

Hand-Washing Your Binder

Hand-washing your binder will help it last longer.

  1. Close any fastenings on your binder. If you have a binder that fastens shut, such as with a zipper or Velcro, close the fastenings before putting it in the wash, to ensure nothing is damaged.
  2. Flip your binder inside-out. You’ll want to turn your binder inside-out when you wash it, since the inside is the part that touches your skin the most and is more likely to get sweaty.
  3. Place your binder in water. Fill a sink – or even a plastic tub or bucket – with cool water and place your binder into the water. Some binders can be soaked, but don’t soak it for too long to avoid a risk of damaging the fabric.
  4. Wash your binder with a mild or normal detergent. You don’t need to do any harsh scrubbing or squeezing – just put some detergent into the water and use your hands to swirl and lightly knead your binder in the water.
  5. Rinse your binder thoroughly. After your binder has been cleaned well, fully rinse it with clean water, until there are no traces of bubbles or soap on the fabric.
  6. Hang your binder up to dry. Once you’ve finished washing your binder, gently squeeze the extra water out, then place your binder on a hanger and hang it up somewhere to dry, such as near a window or on the door of your shower. It’s also possible to dry your binder on a clothesline outside.
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