Shred longer and harder with these simple snowboarding hacks designed to make your life easier

Life hacks are one internet phenomenon that we at WL can get behind. Anything that saves time, energy and money so that the shred can take priority is a good thing in our book.

As such we’ve compiled a list of our top snowboarding ‘hacks’ from our years of collective experience to help you out the next time you’re away in the snow. You can thank us later!

Got some of your own? Drop them in the comments box below and we’ll get adding them to this list.

Space Saving Packing

Board bags are massive, but the problem is once you’ve filled one with snowboard gear there’s not much room for anything else, like clothes. Max out your space by taking your bindings off and filling every nook and cranny.

Snowboard boots are great because you can fill the hollow foot space with socks, gloves, shampoo bottles… whatever fits! Bindings also make handy protection spaces for easily crushed bits of kit like goggles:

Minimise Clothes Packing

After you’ve finished ramming all your gear into your board bag you’ll still have to fit a few clothes for the evening in as well. This clever technique above will guarantee you’ll be able to fit in all the apres/chilling outfits you could ever want for a week away!

Avalanche Probe Washing Line

We all buy avalanche safety gear in the hope that we’ll never need to use it, but if (hopefully) things work out that way it means you’ll have spent hundreds on dusty gear. Enter the avalanche probe washing line (© Chloe Hardy).

Not brought enough tee shirts for the week? Socks starting to smell? Pants stained beyond hope of repair? Rinse them out in the sink or shower before unfolding your pole and using it to hang your laundry on, just be sure not to overload and damage it!

Stop Your Boots From Smelling

There’s nothing worse than a smelly boot stinking out your board bag and/or chalet. Bring a couple of tea bags out with you stashed in your boot and they’ll absorb all but the worst of smells (just don’t drink the tea afterwards).

Atiq Massan off of the Facebook reckons that using a cigarette instead a tea bag works “99% better”. We trust his scientific research.

Goggles Steamed Up Beyond Hope?

We’ve all been there… No matter how tech your goggles are a good slam will always leave them steamed up and getting all hot and angry just makes the situation worse. Never fear, the solution is easy:

Don’t risk scratching your lenses or rubbing the coating off by rubbing them, simply head to the nearest on-slope bathroom and stick them under the hand dryer for a minute. Then head out to enjoy some crystal clear powder – easy!

Stop GoPro Fog

Nothing is more annoying than getting home after a rad day of shredding/GoPro filming and realising that your lens has been fogged up inside the case the whole time, ruining all that hard earned footage.

The solution however is simple, save up all those annoying little bags that come in shoe boxes or with electrical goods. The silica gel balls inside are designed to soak up moisture so empty a few out into the case before you set of in the morning, way cheaper than buying the expensive branded anti-fog patches!

Cable Ties

Forget duct tape, that’s old news. A snowboarder’s new best friend is the cable tie. A couple of these stuffed in your pocket will do wonders. Use them to:

– Fix broken bindings
– Temporarily hold together boots with snapped laces
– Attach lift tickets/passes to the outside of your jacket for easy reach
– Replace zip pulls that have fallen off on outerwear/backpacks

DIY Stomp Pads

Forget shelling out for stomp pads – expensive pieces of foam/plastic – all you need to keep your back foot securely in place is a few leftover strips of grip tape from the last time you put a skate deck together. So simple we can’t believe we hadn’t thought of it before!

Elastic Gloves

Did you know you can actually buy mini suspenders to keep your gloves attached to your jacket? A cheap way to prevent them falling off the chairlift.

Even better, sew a loop in a length of elastic then attach one end to your glove’s cuff. Fit this over your wrist and it’ll do the trick for even less!

Fix Ripped Jackets

Got your new fancy Gore Tex jacket all torn up? No fear, just seal it up with a bike puncture repair kit. Cheap as chips and everyone else will be sure to know you’re one of those cool self-sufficient hipster types.

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