Do you need to buy a SIM Card in Poland?

Note: Don’t have time to read the entire post? Just want to know what you have to do to activate your Polish SIM card data offer? No worries, here you go; straight to 2 steps to activate the data offer

Are you planning to visit Poland? If you are and you’re like us then you’ll want to remain connected to the internet during your visit and the best way to do that is by getting a local SIM card with a data allowance.

Buying a SIM Card in Poland

There’s are a few mobile carriers in Poland, all with different areas of coverage, tariffs, and internet allowances. After speaking to a few people, and the very good advice of my friend, Jacek, we decided to pick up a PLAY SIM card.

I was pretty sure that the process of getting a local SIM was going to be like most other European countries. However, to my surprise I did find Poland just a tad more complicated (and not being able to speak/read the language did made it all a bit more challenging). I needed to call in the big guns and ask for some help from Jacek to get it all activated.

Buying & Activating the SIM Card

We stopped by one of the many local small convenience stores in Warsaw and picked up a PLAY SIM card for 5 zl (about £1). The activation of the SIM card couldn’t be easier, you simply open the package, take out the SIM card (both Micro and Nano in SIM card tray), and insert into your phone. Once you turn the phone on, it will automatically connect to the Play mobile network and send you the Internet settings. I found that the Internet settings were already enabled before the message came through so that made it even easier.

Which Data Tariff Should I Activate?

There are plenty of tariffs to choose from and they all have different inclusions, however the one which we were most interested in was the 20 zl option which included 6GB of data of 30 days. 6GB of data was perfect for a week long travel around Poland, but how to activate it?

A few different ways to activate the data allowance;

Dial a number – not a great choice because I don’t speak Polish

Internet – There was an option to top up with the amount but then I didn’t know which option to select next to activate the data tariff

Short Dial Code – the preferred option.

The Simplest Option

Step 1: Top up with 20 zl

You can do this a variety of ways (online, ATM, stores) and we found that the easiest option was to stop by one of the many newsagent/convenience stores and purchase 2x 10 zl voucher (denominations are only available in 5,10, 30, and 50 zl so if you want exactly 20 zl then get 2x 10 zl vouchers)

Step 2: Once topped up, activate your data tariff

Open your phone keypad and enter *111*533*1# and call to activate the data pack. Shortly afterwards you will receive a message advising that the request has been activated!

Thank you – the order adopted for implementation. The service pack 6GB (20.00 PLN will be switched on, we can take up to 24 hours. More on

Was It Worthwhile Buying It?

The SIM card and the 6GB data allowance was all we needed for the entire 8 days we were travelling throughout Poland! And for those of you who know us, we tend to rely heavily on our data connection so this SIM card had a workout during our travels and not once did it disappoint.

We used the SIM card for tethering, streaming, Google Maps, constant internet searches and our total use came in at 4.89GB!

The Play SIM card and 6GB data plan was the best investment we made during our Poland rail adventure and absolutely recommend getting a Polish SIM card on your travels.

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