Ideas for Your Travel Journal

Getting creative with your pages, and making each one as interesting as possible (rather than focusing on the number of pages or the sheer amount of information you can collect) is a good idea. Even if you just do a few pages that you love that’s fine!

Read on for some creative ideas or prompts for pages.

Ideas for Your Travel Journal

Here are some ideas for themed pages that you can create while you are travelling.

Maps Collage maps into your journal – you can find them in tourist pamphlets and they make a great addition that you can annotate. This is the easiest but often the most effective page you can do!

Your best meals The best thing about travel? All the eating! Draw or stick in polaroids of your favourite meals from your trip.

A Packing Checklist You guys know how much I love planning my packing, and a lovely way to look forward to a trip is to create an illustrated or interesting looking packing checklist before you go.

Draw doorways For those of you who can illustrate (even just a little) I love the idea of drawing (or using polaroids) to show different doorways you see. Anyone else love doorways when you travel?

Ticket envelope Grab an envelope and stick it onto one page, using it to collect things you find on your trip. You can eventually stick them onto their own pages or leave them in the envelope.

Your Itinerary What to do next? Get creative with your itinerary by annotating, illustrating and collaging it into your journal.

Beach sand tags I love this idea! Use cardboard tags and glue, dip them in the sand on the different beaches you visit. A simple way to turn an experience into a long lasting, tangible memory. You could even frame these pages one day!

Pieces of fabrics or patterns You’ll be surprised how many pieces of fabric or patterned paper you will find on your travels, and I love to stick them in and create a page with all those textures.

Pressed Leaves & Flowers This is such an easy one, and all you need to do is slip them between your pages at the beginning of the trip and by the end they should be in and dried out. *Be aware some countries won’t let you take this sort of organic matter in/out and also not to disturb the plants/wildlife in national parks and other places like this.

Tea tags As the worlds biggest tea drinker I love the idea of collecting the tea bag tags I drink on my trip and keeping them.

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