How To Grow Your Blog With Social Media

Want to grow your blog? Use social media. Here are tips to incresae your blog’s growth and enagagement using social media like twitter, bloglovin, instagram etc.

Okay, so you have created a blog which is well designed, has great photography and you are writing stellar content as well. Now you’d like to gain an audience and create a community around your blog. But how? Social media can be an extremely helpful tool for growing your blog audience and here are a few tips and experiences from my blogging journey.

Growing your audience with Social media

Make your blog social-media friendly: If you want to encourage your readers to connect with you on social media, the first step would be to make your blog social media friendly. If someone lands on your blog and likes what they see, they are likely to be interested in following you on other social media platforms as well. It is a 2-way street , use your blog to drive traffic to your social media and vice-versa.

Share and promote peer content: Social media is not only about promoting your content, but also about building and nurturing the community you are in. If you think the post you just read on your peer’s blog is cool, and is something that your followers would love, share it. Social media is as much (or more) about giving as receiving.

Interact with influencers and peers in your niche: it can be intimidating at first when you sign up for a social media platform, the big question is where do you start? Find people in your niche who inspire you and connect with them on social media. If they post something that interests you, strike a conversation with a genuine response. Once you begin to make an effort to interact with others, you will see an increase in the people who are interested in engaging with you and your content.

Be consistent: As with anything else, being consistent is important for social media. Be present and interact with your social media friends on a regular basis. It can be draining and distracting to be there all the time, and this is why I love Buffer. It is a super useful app that helps you schedule your social media posts. So just get scheduling and voila! even when you are asleep, buffer will make sure you are active on social media!

How social media platforms have helped my blog

Bloglovin: Bloglovin’ helps you find and follow blogs that you like, and likewise it helps people discover and follow along with your blog as well.

Pinterest is not just a social media platform anymore, but also a search engine. So if you want to reach a bigger and more varied audience, Pinterest is a great platform to consider.

Instagram: in addition to posting great quality photos, using hashtags helps reach a bigger audience. Again, Instagram is a platform were should trying to be more active on.

There are probably a 100 social media platforms out there that you could use to grow your blog, but choosing and concentrating on 2 – 4 platforms is probably more effective in the long run. Managing social media can be really time consuming, but using it strategically can go a long way in helping you blog.

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