Hem your jeans without a sewing machine

So, you are almost ready to go to a party when you hear a ripping sound. This sound was your jeans ripping, ruining your plans for the night. You need not worry now — even without a sewing machine, you can easily mend your jeans at home.

All you will need is a needle and thread matching the color of your jeans. If the tear is small you can do without an additional patch of clothing. Turn the jeans inside out first. Start sewing them with a straight or a blanket stitch. Tie a knot once it’s done and iron it well. Your jeans are ready to wear again and good to go.

Now that we’ve given you tips to transform your favorite pair of denim right from the comfort of your home, we hope you’ll want to try it. Let us know which one are you trying first in the comments below.

Source – brightside.me

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