Flatter Your Hairstyles with These 5 Hair Accessories

If you’re keen of experimenting too…check out our 5 picks of hair accessories we’re loving.

Intricate scattered head pieces

Brides have been opting for these nowadays more than tiaras. However, they are not just for brides, you can play around with them if you pick the right hairstyle. These look great with a sleek or loose ponytail. They also would look gorgeous with a bun if you have a special event coming up.

 Intricate scattered head pieces
Image Credits: Instagram @wahekaya – Jen Atkin X Chloe

Hair pins

Who knew that the bobby pins we always loose and try to hide whenever we need to tame a fly away, can actually be the secret to a gorgeous hairstyle. You can try it out by stacking them up on one side when you’re going for retro waves. Also, with a bun you can try out this gorgeous massive gold pin below.

Hair pins
Image Credits: Unknown – Andy Heart – Unknown


There are so many options to go for here. From pretty flower crowns (that are beautiful with big mermaid waves) to chic tiara like designs. For these, we can’t help but think they look best with middle parting, both slick and loose ponytail would look great with this.

Image Credits: ImaxTree – Instagram @amelialiana – Instagram @wahekaya


Hats are not only chic but also very useful when it’s a bad or oily hair day, they can hide anything. From bobs to longer beach waves, hats look beautiful when the hair is left loose and free. Hats are also perfect for Hijabis when their choice of wrap fits the style of hat.

Image Credits: Instagram @songofstyle – Instagram @aspynovard – Instagram @marwaatik


You already know these are so cute with a bun, but you can also try them out by tying up the ends of your side braid or pull your hair back for a half and half updo.

Image Credits: Getty Images – Unknown – Lauren Conrad
Source fustany.com

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