The Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial For Natural Makeup

Natural makeup is all about finding the balance between glowing skin and the perfect foundation application. But when it comes to breaking down the key ingredients for creating a natural makeup routine, it can get a little tricky to know what kinds of products you do need versus what you can do without. Below, we’ve explained exactly what you need for a flawless natural makeup look.

Step 1. Moisturizer

Apply a thin layer of moisturizer to prep your skin for makeup. Making sure your skin is hydrated and plump before makeup application is key to making your makeup look like real, natural skin.

Step 2. Foundation primer

Apply a smoothing primer to hide imperfections and prep your skin for the makeup that’s to come. Make sure to smooth it over every part of your face, from your cheeks to your nose, chin, T-zone and eyelids.

Step 3. Foundation

Apply a light to medium coverage foundation, stippling it on with a blending sponge or flat brush. This makeup hack for long-lasting foundation will help ensure that your face makeup stays intact from day into night.

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Step 4. Concealer

Pat concealer under eyes. Choose one that is one to two shades lighter than your natural foundation color to cover up any discoloration and dark circles.

Step 5: Setting Powder

Set your foundation and concealer with a translucent or matching powder. Be sure to use a large, fluffy brush for this step so you don’t disturb the makeup you’ve already applied. A fluffy brush also gives you a more natural result.

Step 6: Bronzer

Warm up your skin tone with a bronzer of your choice. Apply this under your cheekbones and along your temples and jawline.

The Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial For Natural Makeup

Step 7: Blush

Sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks to give your face some extra color. Continue to blend this out so that the color is not too concentrated in one area. For a natural finish, you’ll want the blush to look soft and diffused.

Step 8: Highlighter 
Apply highlighter to the high points of your face — on your outer cheekbones, down your nose and cupid’s bow.

Step 9: Eye Shadow

Apply a warm eyeshadow shade to your crease, then swipe a neutral shade across the lower lid. Blend, blend, blend!

Step 10: Mascara

Apply a single coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes, being sure to wiggle your wand vertically to get every single lash.

Step 11: Eyebrow Product

Spoolie your brows and fill them in with a brow product of your choice. Powders give a diffused, natural look while pencils are more precise.

Step 12: Lip Gloss

Finish the look with a pink of nude lip gloss!

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