AliExpress TOP 15 things that should be in a women’s bag

GoLifeHacks found on AliExpress useful products, which will certainly be useful for every woman.

1. Organizer

With this organizer, the contents of the bag will be in perfect (or almost perfect) order.
New Women’s Fashion Bag in Bags Cosmetic Storage Organizer Makeup Casual Travel Handbag

Discount Price: $2.71  


2. Nail File

A broken nail is another target for uncomplicated jokes. Not tragedy, of course, but when the nail clings to everything, it infuriates. In order not to infuriate, carry a file with you. For example, here is one in a pretty case.

Price: $0.80  


3. Led Makeup Mirror

A small mirror is in every women’s bag. We found his advanced version with LED backlighting.

Price: $0.80  


4. Comb

A small (10 × 8 × 5 cm) comb is comfortable in the hand and will help to cope even with the consequences of walking during a strong wind. Judging by the reviews, she combs her hair extremely gently.

Price: $4.94


5. Scrunchie

Salvation for girls who are annoyed by creeping hair. Scrunchies are often lost, so it is better to carry a few pieces at once.

Price: $1.04


6. Atomizer

If you love to renew the aroma during the day, and do not want to carry a heavy bottle of toilet water, the atomizer will help you.

Price: $0.97


7. Cover for hygiene products

The thing, of course, is not for every day, but for a month such a cover is exactly what you need. A convenient buckle, a pretty print – in general, is good from all sides.

Price: $0.83


8. Foot Care Protector

A typical problem for women with sensitive skin is to wear new shoes – hello, painful calluses. To prevent their appearance, such protectors will help. Glue them on the inside of the shoe – callouses have no chance.

Price: $1.79


9. Tea absorbing paper

A real salvation for those who do not like themselves from shiny skin. If believe the reviews, to get wet all face, you need two napkins. There are 80 in packing, so it’s better to order two packs at once – let there be a stock.

Discount price: $1.38


10. Cosmetic bag

An interesting cosmetic bag with an ironic inscription

Discount price: $1.99


11. Pockets Umbrella

This umbrella will protect you from the rain, and most importantly – will not take up much space

Discount price: $9.76


12. Ultra Slim Power Bank 4000mAh

Completely discharged smartphone – a real nightmare for a girl who is used to always be online. A compact and lightweight external battery will save you from getting into a similar situation

Discount price: $7.08


13. Earphones 3.5mm

Without them, nowhere anywhere, unless, of course, you are not attracted by the prospect of listening to the chatter of colleagues in the office and the revelations of fellow travelers in public transport. A convenient case will eliminate the need to unravel the knot, into which the wire is usually woven.

Discount price: $2.66


14. Business Card holder

A pretty business card holder will be home to 24 cards.

Discount price: $0.91


15. Multifunctional Knife

They did not expect? By the way, the thing is really useful. There is a knife, a screwdriver, scissors, a flashlight, there is even a corkscrew – life likes to throw surprises, and opening a bottle of wine with keys is not very convenient.

Discount price: $6.99

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