7 Myths about Making Money Online

You can take a 10 day financial challenge and change your life a little, but you can do a lot more by start earning some real cash online. Making money on the Internet is not a sensation in 2016. Hundreds of books about making money online have been already written, lots of workshops have been already held, dozens of websites offer people to join their online business. When it comes to making a fortune online, there are two types of people: those, who skeptically denies any opportunity to earn money on the Internet and those, who really makes money on the Internet. The second type of people, actually, writes books about how to reach financial success on the Internet and holds aforementioned workshops. The first type of people tends to often need financial help fast and spread untruthful myths about making money online.

Today we decided to support the second type of people and consider 7 main myths about earning on the Internet. Let’s start!

Myth # 1: People on the Internet only want to cheat on someone and, this way, raise money.

Some years ago the Internet used to be an undiscovered world that scared everyone with its uncertainty. Still, during a couple of years people settle in this scaring world and today there is almost no person in the entire world, who wouldn’t be online in some way. People are here to contact with friends/family, find a job, buy goods, educate, and, of course, make money.

The Internet is an irreplaceable tool in today’s digital era. It justifies the fact that there are different people on the Internet – those, who treat you sincerely and honestly and those, who ready to scam you. This fact is a reality and we aren’t able to change it. Fortunately, we can avoid it. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Use only reputable services that gain popularity and support it with positive feedback. By the way, such services as Escrow will hold the money until the transaction is complete.
  • Make sure you have no doubt about the deal.
  • Ensure you 100% like the product and got all necessary information about it.
  • Deal with people, who don’t seem suspicious and have feedback from other customers on their pages.
  • When you sell something, keep a documented record of everything and clarify the terms of the return policy and payment.

Myth # 2: Making a fortune is a commonplace for people, who decide to start a business on the Internet.

Every business requires hard and thorough work no matter you are sitting at the office or using the Internet. Just because World Wide Web makes some aspects of starting a business easier, it doesn’t mean that making money is easy too. By the way, if you ever need a loan, check what you should include in your business loan application.

Everything depends on you: on your attitude, your experience, the business you decided to start or the goods you decided to sell, the structure of your business, the category of buyers you rely on, etc.

Furthermore, “the speed” of making money depends on your intuitions and the way you feel the sale market. In other words, it depends on your abilities to understand what products people need and what will bring you money.

Myth # 3: Relying on the books and guideline of successful people.

As it was said before, there have been created thousands of books and guidelines by successful people revealing secrets of generating an income online. Yes, such guidelines are supported by successful experiences and you have a clear and good example from the reality. Still, relying on them is a mistake. It’s okay to highlight effective tactics and steps, mistakes of others to avoid them BUT such books shouldn’t stay your best friends or instructions you have to follow.

The tricky thing is that people don’t realize the amount of knowledge they, actually, obtain and decide to blindly follow someone’s advice. As the practice shows, some inexperienced businessmen have a genius intuition and manage to build a successful business independently. For instance, here are Warren Buffett’s tips on saving money. While they are all great, maybe they aren’t all the best fit for your life situation.

Myth # 4: It’s possible to work 3-4 hours per week and in a year make a fortune.

As it was said before, building a business is a hard time-consuming process. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to try 3-4 hours per week and every day becoming wealthier and more successful. Of course, there exist exceptions. For instance, imagine you write a book that was highly estimated by people all over the world. You decide to write a couple of books to present them on the wave of universal recognition. Then you download them to Amazon. The following way of the books’ existence can be different but more likely that with a help of promotion your books will remain popular and topical. However, as a practice shows such cases are rare and, in reality, a business requires time, investments and diligence.


Myth # 5: No one is making money on the Internet.

This myth, actually, requires no comments but you should give a look at the reality: lots of teenagers and students start making money out of their blogs, lots of stay-at-home moms, start selling clothes, crockery, or handmade stuff, lots of offline businesses are now turning into online one. Check your Facebook or Instagram and see how many offers to purchase something you will get Here is how you can make money with Facebook!

Myth # 6: No business requires investments.

It’s a false. Every business requires two things: time and money. No matter what kind of business you decided to start you will definitely need them both. Of course, if it’s your first deal, you will more likely need more time than money but, agree, this is a serious investment for every person.

Myth # 7: You have to be a real specialist and use unbelievable techniques to start a business.

Starting a business online is about selling something that people really need. Therefore, if you just realize what goods or services are essential for people and fulfill your deal with specific peculiarities (additional tempting and special offers, discounts, attractive advertisement, convenient website, involving social media), you will become successful.

Furthermore, everything is about an experience. The more attempts you will make, the more priceless knowledge you will gain.

A couple of additional tips about making money online:

Act as a Farmer


If you start a business, imagine that it’s going to be your ground, which you should water, fertilize, dig up to get a fertile soil and crops in the result. Your business should be based on your good attitude to people you are going to work with and awareness that you are here to provide people with something they really need. Your customers will rely on your honesty and commitment.

The more you invest the better final product you will get.


You have to promote your business, especially at the early stages. Without any promotion, no one will ever find out about such a useful service no matter how good it will be. Therefore, use such job board sites like Upwork and Freelancer.com to attract clients or build a portfolio and get useful reviews for your future projects.

Furthermore, don’t hesitate to ask for a help of your family/friends, who can put in a word about your business and attract clients as well.

Be Passionate and even Obsessed about Your Business

The only way to create a good biz is to turn it into a hobby or vice versa turn your hobby into a biz. This way, you will never hate your job or think how miserable your life is. This way, you will find solutions for every problem and ways how to make your deal better. This way, you will enjoy every single day of your work and turn it into the successful business of your entire life!

Source – personalmoneyservice.com

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