5 Ways to Stop Feeling Hungry All the Time When You’re on a Diet

Sometimes when you’re on a diet, it feels like you spend most of your day hungry. As a weight-loss expert who has spent more than a decade successfully helping clients lose weight and keep it off, I’m very familiar with this problem. Here are some actual comments I’ve heard

What is hunger, anyway?

Have you ever wondered why you get hungry? It’s important to know what’s going on behind the scenes. When you understand what’s really happening, it’s much easier to fix the problem.

Hunger starts with a hormone called ghrelin. While it may sound like it, ghrelin is not actually a tiny gremlin that lives in your stomach. This is a good way of thinking about it: Picture the dashboard in your car. There’s a speedometer showing you how fast you’re going and a fuel gauge that tells you how much gas is in your tank. And if you’ve ever tried to stretch a tank of gas a bit too far, you’ve seen the low fuel warning light flash.

That’s your signal to pull over and get some gas… or get ready to start walking. Ghrelin is known as “the hunger hormone,” and much like a low fuel warning, its job is to send signals that it’s time to eat. You feel its effect through a gradual increase in hunger. It starts almost like a whisper you hear across the room that gets louder and louder—until it’s shouting in your ear.

And although hunger and a low fuel warning are similar in many ways, there is one huge difference: If you don’t pay attention or ignore a low fuel light, you are going to get stranded on the side of the road. But with ghrelin, what happens when it’s shouting, “IT’S TIME TO EAT!” and you ignore it?

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