5 Reasons Why Slippers Are the New Heels

You might think that looking elegant is always about giving up part of your comfort. The truth is, this isn’t correct, at least not anymore! Everyday, trends are approaching easier styles which make everyone involved in the process of fashion moving forward. One popping trend that has been taking over for a while now are flat slippers. They come in different shapes, materials and styles to match all tastes. You can pick from leather, fabric, fluffy-fury, strappy slippers and more. Whether they’re open-toed or closed, footwear fashion has offered a various range of styles of slippers to suit almost any event, even the fancier ones.

You can match slippers trendily, no matter what your choice of wardrobe is that day:

1. Casual

Whether you put on your ripped shorts or skinny/boyfriend jeans, you’ll find the style of slippers that will match you from the bunch of photos below.

2. Smart Casual

This adds more uniqueness to the outfit, making it different and distinctive from all ordinary smart casual looks. A slipper can give it edge.

3. Formal

Slippers can actually soften the seriousness of a formal outfit, unlike what most people may think!

4. Comfy

Of course, this is the slippers’ comfort zone, where we can wear them easily without worrying about judgment. Your choice of clothing here is often flowy, loose and breezy.

5. Formal/Evening dresses

Yes! Just make sure you pick the right material and color, and see how your elegant slipper will spice up your dress!

Source fustany.com

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