28 Hacks That Make Parenting Easier And More Fun For Both You And Your Kids

Parenting is never an easy job; while you need to take good care of your child to make sure that s/he is happily growing up, you can’t spoil him/her. Are there any parenting hacks that make this easier? Luckily yes, here’re 28 ways to make parenting easier and more fun for both you and your kids.

1. Put a basket in the bathtub when your child is bathing so that the toys won’t flow away.


baby basket_not let the toys flow away

2. Use this baby mop and you can do cleaning and let you kid have fun at the same time.


3. This baby shower cap prevents the water from going into the baby’s eyes while bathing.


4. Use this baby stroller and scooter hybrid to speed up the ride.


5. Use a barrette to fix a loose tank top of a little girl.


6. Use a vacuum to tie a daughter’s hair like this.

7. Use a cardboard to make a slide over the stairs at home.


cardboard slide

8. Teach your kids to help cleaning up by playing this game with them.

9. Stick a dropper through an already cut pacifier to give medicine to babies.


10. Let your kids have fun “playing” video games but not interrupt you playing games by giving them fake remote controls.


11. Draw out your kid’s feet so you don’t need to always carry him/her around to buy shoes.


12. Make this little hammock to rest your kid at home.


13. Put a hook at the back of a high chair to bold the bibs.


14. Instead of nailing a baby gate into the banister, use cable ties to do so and you can just easily remove the gate when the kids grow up.


15. Buy this cute knight helmet which can also mask the face to keep the kid warm.


keep warm knight helmet

16. Reuse a pool noodle and make it a door stopper.


17. Use pads to help children go through the potty-training process.


18. Buy baby clothes like this to identify your twin babies.


19. Buy a portable high chair so that you can feed your kid everywhere easily.


20. Have a get-along-shirt for your kids and when they start to fight, make them wear it.


21. Tie a rope over the swing and pull it so your kid will have fun and so will you.


22. Have this mitten and never lose your child.


23. Use a fan to make your kid’s bed a tent.


24. Use a muffin cup to prevent the melting ice-cream from getting your kids’ hands dirty.


muffin cup melting ice cream

25. Turn the DVD cases into coloring cases.


26. Cut the lotion bottle and make washing hands easier for little children.


27. Tie a shoe caddy at the back of your car seat to hold all the dolls and games for kids.


28. Put a tattoo sticker on your kids in case they’re lost.


Put temporary tattoos on your kids in case they get lost

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