13 Things That Make a House Messy and Not Cozy

Have you ever considered that a lot of mirrors in your bedroom might increase your cleaning time or that dark shades on your lamps could increase your electric bill? There are many things at home that we are used to and that we think are useful. But the truth is they either make us clean more often or create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

1. Sofa bed


There is no real reason to try to save room by buying a sofa bed instead of a regular bed. Guests don’t come over that often. Transforming the bed every day and getting poor sleep is not good at all. Additionally, these sofas have less space, so the quality of sleep will be worse for this reason too.

  • If you are going to buy new furniture, you should get a regular bed with a good mattress. This piece of furniture will stay in good condition for a much longer time than a transforming sofa.

2. Collection of plastic bags

Collection of plastic bags

We often don’t throw away plastic bags because we might need them. But one day, this will lead to a complete mess in your cabinet.

  • It’s better to keep plastic bags in a small box and limit the number of bags to how many you can fit in the box. Buy a few big shopping bags and keep one of them in your bag that you take to work or in your car for when you go grocery shopping. And instead of keeping a huge number of plastic bags, recycle them.

3. Big number of boxes

 Big number of boxes

It’s really convenient to store things in boxes. However, we often use too many boxes and don’t even remember what’s in them. As a result, you can waste your precious time looking for something in all of them.

  • Clothes are better stored in a wardrobe where you can access them quickly. And a few big boxes are great for storing things you don’t use often. Write on the boxes what you keep in them.

4. Overloaded coat rack in the hall

Overloaded coat rack in the hall

Coat racks in the hall are always full unless you only have one coat for all seasons. But it’s the hall that makes the first impression in your house. If your coat rack is overloaded, the house looks messy, it takes more and more time to find a necessary coat, and things often end up on the floor.

  • In order to avoid putting a lot of clothes on the coat rack, buy a smaller rack! It’s that easy! You can put a special hook for bags not far from the door.

5. No place for shoes

No place for shoes

Even if you are careful with where you put your shoes, eventually the whole hall will look like a mess anyway. Also, if you don’t have special furniture for your shoes, there will be a lot of dirt in your hall in the winter. Then, this dirt spreads to other rooms and you have to spend more and more time cleaning.

  • There are very small wardrobes for shoes where they are stored in a vertical position. If you have a small hall, you can buy one of these. The only problem with these wardrobes is the ventilation which can be solved by putting a lavender sachet on one of the shelves.
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