10 essential life hacks everyone should know

These practical life hacks will make your life much easier.

Life hacks are the ingenious tricks that make life easier. We’ve rounded up ten that are guaranteed to come in handy someday!

1. How to check if your eggs are still fresh

Luckily, you can easily identify a bad egg. PHOTO: Facebook Luckily, you can easily identify a bad egg. PHOTO: Facebook
2. Put a wooden spoon across a boiling pot to stop it from spilling over.

3. There’s always that one person who wants to swipe left when you show them a photo on your phone. To prevent awkward situations, put the picture in edit mode – they won’t be able to swipe left or right!

4. Isn’t it annoying that no matter how careful you are, your tights tend to ladder in the most inconvenient times? Control the ladder by simply coating the area with a thin layer of nail-polish. Voilà!

5. You can also use nail-polish to protect your jewelry from rust. Simply coat your pieces with a thin layer of nail-polish.
Does your Jewelry turn green?? Life hack for cheap jewelry .. Coat it with clear nail polish .. No more green jewelry

6. Don’t have a selfie-stick? Grab a hangar!
or an actual stick if you’re feeling adventurous.

7. Don’t have the budget for speakers? With this ‘smartphone in a cup’ trick, all you do is place your phone in a cup to boost the volume.


8. Before you throw away your post-it notes, use them to clean your keyboard. Right?

9. Turn your toaster side-ways for instant grilled cheese.

10. Forgot to pick up toothbrush cases? No worries!

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