10 Best Beard Related Christmas Gift Ideas for the Bearded Man

Buying Christmas gifts to a man can be tricky. However, if the guy has a beard, you can be certain that some beard care items and other facial hair related gifts are going to be put to good use.

Below you’ll find the top 10 gift ideas for bearded men, be it Christmas, birthday, or whatever special day really…

…No matter the occasion, these beard gifts are the real deal:1. Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit

1. Maison Lambert’s Ultimate Beard Kit

Maison Lambert’s ultimate beard kit comes with all natural 100% organic high-quality beard care products, as well as a manly wooden cigar box to store them in. This is probably the coolest and best looking beard related gift a man can get. The box contains scissors, beard comb, organic beard oil, organic beard balm, organic beard shampoo, and a body soap that has a scent of beer. Everything is 100% organic and made from natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the beard with useless chemicals.

Where to purchase: Sold through Amazon for $79.90

2. Beard Scale Men’s T-shirt

TeeStars Beard Scale T-Shirt is one of the funniest beard related shirts I’ve seen, and makes an awesome Christmas gift for that bearded dude among your family or friends. The shirt is 100% combed-cotton, printed in USA, and has money-back guarantee.

Where to purchase: Sold at Amazon starting from $16.95

3. Zeus Everyday Beard Grooming Kit

Zeus Everyday Beard Grooming Kit is great alternative to the Maison Lambert kit above. The kit comes with a neat looking bag with the Zeus logo, sandalwood beard oil, sandalwood beard conditioner, sandalwood beard shampoo, and sandalwood beard balm. We at Beard Resource think that sandalwood is the “real” scent of a beard, and we whole heartedly recommend the Zeus everyday grooming kit as superior beard gift.

Where to purchase: Amazon sells for $69.00

4. This Ridiculously Funny Beard Mug

This funny beard mug is certainly the best possible vehicle for your daily coffee fix. While most of the beard mugs on the market are just boring pictures of a weird drawn beards, this one actually looks splendid and says “look me in the beard when I’m talking to you”. If your bearded friend or family member is a coffee lover, consider this as one of the best facial hair related gift ideas for him and his mane of greatness.

Where to purchase: You can get one from Amazon at $10.99

5. Hunter Jack’s Premium Beard Comb

Hunter Jack’s Premium Beard Comb is just one of those items that a true beardsman should have. Instead of using plastic or metal combs that just make the beard go everywhere due to static electricity, consider using wooden one that is durable, looks great, and even holds a bit of that beard oil in it for future combings. Plus, this thing is made out of genuine sandalwood and comes with an extremely cool leather case.

Where to purchase: Sold through Amazon for $13.99

6. The Rugged Bros Boar Bristle Brush

The Rugged Bros Boar Bristle Brush is top of the line when it comes to beard brushes. Any beardsman will tell you that one of the best ways to keep dirt out of the beard while simultaneously taming and training the beard and moustache, one needs to use a quality beard brush. But not just any kind of brush! You won’t find any cheap nailon, plastic, or synthetic bristles in this one, instead the rugged bros bring you 100% wild boar bristles in what I believe is the best density and shape to use for daily beard brushing. The superior design and quality of this product make it number #6 on the list of best beard gifts.

Where to purchase: Amazon sells this item for $18.99

7. Of Beards and Men Book

Of Beards and Men: The Revealing History of Facial Hair is the perfect beard novelty gift for that reading bearded dude. It’s a thick book filled with beard knowledge and history. and highly respected as one of the best “beard books” in this scarce field.

Where to purchase: You can get one from Amazon at $21.55

8. Beard Shaping Tool and Scissors Kit

Beard Scissors with Shaper and Styling Template Comb by BeardZ is a kit with quality scissors and this weird comb/template thing that allows you to get the cheek and neck lines just right. It’s a perfect gift for that bearded fellow who fails to master the cheek line shave. If you’re only seeking comb and don’t need the template, then consider #5 above.

Where to purchase: Sold through Amazon for $13.75

9. Bear Beard Long Sleeve Shirt

TeeStars Beard + Bear Long Sleeve Shirt is among the greatest design breakthroughs of 2016. Giving it as a gift to your friend or family member with beard and mustache will most certainly be valued and worn with pride.

Where to purchase: Amazon sells these shirts starting at $16.99

10. OG Beard Logo Mesh Trucker Hat

This Beard Logo Snapback is awesome way to dress your bearded friend or family member up to par with the mane. There are not many things that would come even close to looking as bad-ass than wearing a nice military color trucker hat with a wild beard.

Where to purchase: You can get one from Amazon at $26.99

Source – beardresource.com

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