8 Things to Drink on St. Patrick’s Day (Besides Green Beer)

It’s hard not to get in the celebratory spirit with all novelty green things that pop up around St. Patrick’s Day. But green beer is where I’m drawing the line. I say, why drink green beer when there are other options that are equally as festive and far more delicious? From family-friendly beverages to boozy concoctions, here are eight beverages for your St. Patty’s Day celebration.

1. Leprechaun Lemonade

This super-quick treat is a fun way to celebrate St. Paddy’s day with kids (or adults who want to hold off on the alcohol). Leprechaun lemonade is a sweet mixture of lemonade flavored with blue raspberry drink mix.

2. Super Greens Smoothie

Here’s how to get your fill of something green first thing in the morning. Bonus: You’ll also start your day with a helping of veggies. It starts with any kind of greens you have handy (spinach, chard, collards, and kale are all fair game) and blends in zucchini, ripe avocado, and banana for this vibrant number.

3. How To Make Classic Irish Coffee

At this point, Irish coffee is a St. Patrick’s classic that’s not to be missed. This version also calls for brown sugar, which really highlights whiskey’s natural sweetness.

(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

4. Slow Cooker Irish Coffee

The slow cooker is our favorite way to make a big batch of Irish coffee that stays warm and so people can serve themselves when they want a hit of something boozy and caffeinated.

(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

5. Irish Cream

With hints of coffee and chocolate, a good Irish cream is luxuriously rich and just as much dessert as it is a drink. Drink it on the rocks or add a splash to milkshakes, coffee, or hot cocoa.

(Image credit: Kaitlin Flannery)

6. Boozy Shamrock Shake

You don’t have to go to McDonald’s to satisfy your craving for a Shamrock Shake. This version gets a boozy kick from creme de menthe and a splash of whiskey. You can also skip the booze entirely, and make a family-friendly version with a small splash of peppermint extract and green food coloring.

(Image credit: Maureen Petrosky)

7. The 2-Ingredient Black Velvet Cocktail

This cocktail shows us that we just need two ingredients to celebrate this St. Paddy’s Day in style: Guinness and Champagne. Here they’re paired for a festive drink that’s rich, creamy, and extra bubbly.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

8. Hot Cocoa & Kilbeggan Whiskey

If your plans for celebrating include something low-key, warm, and comforting, whiskey-spiked hot cocoa delivers every single time.

Source www.thekitchn.com

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