Weight loss challenge is on

“You are so going down.”

The weight loss challenge between Pamela Bliss, Brian Sheehan and Mayor Mike Pavey has begun.

Tuesday evening at their first weigh in at Weight Watchers, the trio challenged one another to lose weight by the time the Oscars roll around in March. Each week, there will be a weigh-in to see the progress.

Pamela Bliss told the guys they were going down.

So why a weight loss challenge and what does that have to do with the Oscars?

Bliss, an artist from Indianapolis who has done the murals here in Rushville, worked for a film called “Loving Vincent.”

“Loving Vincent” paints a portrait, literally oil painted portraits of artist Vincent Van Gogh. The animation is compiled of 65,000 oil paintings and tells the story of Van Gogh and his distinctive painting style that is recognizable to this day.

Bliss was chosen among several others to paint the film. She went to Poland in a quick notice and began learning her part of the film, what she had to paint and what it all entailed. The project has been six years in the making and Bliss was chosen amongst 5,000 applicants.

Since, the film has been shown at several places including Indianapolis at the Landmark Keystone Arts Theater. Rumor has it that Bliss might be up for an Oscar nominee for her work on the film.

Now that Bliss might have the opportunity to go to the Oscars in March, she wants to be able to fit into a smaller formal gown for the event to look her best for the evening. She is on a quest to find the perfect dress. Her goal is to lose 40 pounds.

Friend David Willkie encouraged the challenge to help Bliss reach her weight loss goal and to give some friendly competition to make the program more enjoyable.

Julie Litten of the Rush County Chapter of Weight Watchers will help along the way as the three lose weight together.

“Everyone who joins Weight Watchers during the duration of the challenge, which is four months, will be invited to Watch Party at the Willkie House on 6th and Harrison. Weight Watchers will also be giving prizes out,” Litten said. “Weight Watchers is a weight loss program that involves healthy eating and a physical activity plan. Using Smart Points values, members learn how to incorporate healthy foods into their daily menus. Weight Watchers offers weekly meetings, a handy mobile app, and online resources supporting members 24 hours a day. Members learn tangible skills and techniques that help them get in the right frame of mind to take on a weight loss journey and keep going.”

“I am up for any challenge, especially to help Pamela. I think it will be a fun competition. Being a little healthier isn’t going to kill me,” Pavey laughed.

Source: rushvillerepublican.com

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