Healthy eating does not offset the damage caused by a high-salt diet, study finds

Healthy eating does not offset a high-salt diet, new research suggests.

Overseasoning food raises people’s blood pressure regardless of how many fruit and vegetables they eat, a study found today.

Consuming more than the average British person’s daily salt intake of 8.5 grams causes the heart to work significantly harder to pump blood around the body, putting people at risk of life-threatening strokes, the research adds.

Lead author Dr Queenie Chan from Imperial College London, said:

We currently have a global epidemic of high salt intake and high blood pressure. This research shows there are no cheats when it comes to reducing blood pressure.  Having a low-salt diet is key – even if your diet is otherwise healthy and balanced.

The NHS and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention both recommend adults eat no more than around one-and-a-quarter teaspoons of salt, or six grams, a day, which is easily exceeded if people eat ready-prepared food.

High blood pressure affects more than one in four adults in the UK.

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