Diabetes Lifehacks to Make Your Days (and Nights!) Easier (diabetic supplies)


If you have diabetes, try these tricks throughout your day.

“Lifehack” has become a bonafide buzzword on the internet. If you’ve never heard the term, a lifehack is an uncommon solution to a common problem. They’re little tips and tricks that make everyday things easier—from getting a key on a key ring (use a staple remover to pry the rings apart) to improving your water pressure (tie a baggy of white vinegar around the shower head overnight).

For people dealing with diabetes 24 hours a day, there’s a lot of diabetic supplies and tricks that can make managing diabetes easier. We’ve gathered some of our favorite tips and asked some of our staff members to share their personal Lifehacks.

Got a diabetes lifehack of your own that’s not on our list? Share it with us in the comments!

Diabetes Supply Hacks

Too many test strips?

If you want something more compact a circular test strip vial (if, for example, you’re going on a long hike or bike ride), try re-using a breath strip container. Make sure to soak it in soapy water and allow it to thoroughly dry before putting five or six test strips inside.

Traveling at the airport?

Contain all your diabetes supplies in one clear zip-top bag so that the TSA can easily see everything. Put a copy of your doctor signed medical necessity letter in there too in case there are any questions from the agents.

All your diabetes paperwork disorganized?

Decorate a 3 ring binder and turn it into an all-inclusive diabetes log book. Use permanent markers, stickers, etc. Add pocket separators for smaller pieces of paper. This is a fun project for kids and adults who want to wrangle all those appointment sheets, meter instructions, interesting articles, and other information all into one place.

CGM Hacks

CGM sensor coming unstuck?

Try cutting a hole in the middle of a Tegaderm patch. Still coming unglued? Clean your skin with a little rubbing alcohol and swab the area with liquid adhesive (like Mastisol©) before applying a patch to your skin.

Have trouble unscrewing your pump battery?

Keep a quarter in your meter case.

Have trouble hearing your CGM alert noises?

Rest the receiver in a glass; it will naturally amplify the alarm.

Forget exactly when you put your CGM sensor in?

Don’t throw away the packaging, write the date and time of insertion on the plastic with a permanent marker. If you don’t want the actual package lying around your house, snap a quick photo with your phone or camera. Keep a photo file of your sensor insertions so you never have to go looking for them. (Bonus: You’ll also have the sensor’s serial number on hand in case there are any issues)

Guys, tired of clipping your pump to your belt?

Cut a small hole in your pocket to run the tubing through. Want to reinforce the hole? Use a sewing machine to add a buttonhole.

How about girls with small pockets…?

Clip the pump to the front of your bra.

Neither of those working for you?

Use a maternity belly band to keep your pump snug against your stomach. Or make one of your own. Here’s a child sized design.

Girls, wearing a dress and can’t figure out where to stash your pump?

Cut the top off of a tube sock, pull it up your leg until it is snug (it could be your calf or your thigh). Clip your pump to this simple leg-garter. You can also try the top of a thigh high stocking.

MDI Hacks

Keep mixing up insulin vials?

Wrap a little washi tape or colored duct tape around them. They’ll be instantly recognizable.

Tired of calculating all those numbers in your head?

Get a few cheap pocket calculators and strategically leave them around (one in your supply bag, in different rooms, different bags, on your desk, etc). That way you’ll never be left scratching your head about dosing.

Had a long night and forgot whether you injected your long acting insulin before you went to sleep?

After you inject, always put your pen back in the case the wrong way.  That way, you can easily check in the morning and see if you’ve forgotten. You can also stand it up or put it in a designated cup/pen holder after you’ve dosed.

What are some of your diabetes life hacks?

Source – blog.joslin.org

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