7 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise During the Holiday Season

With family obligations and reunions, festive meals, shopping sprees and traveling, it’s easy to feel so lazy and not motivated to hit the gym. You probably noticed that gyms are packed in January. All that hard work is gone from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. It’s important to know that we are not destined to gain weight during the holidays, with some time and strong will, you can go back to the gym after the holidays and be proud of yourself for sticking to your routine. Here are seven ways to stay motivated to exercise during the holiday season.

1. Change your perspective

Changing your perspective is where we should start, especially if you think about the holiday season as the ‘getting extra fat’ season. You can have fun with your friend and family, eat good food (small portions) and stay fit.

2. Plan your workout  

Planning workout sessions is particularly important for holidays when you have a lot of traveling plans and family duties. Find those days in your calendar when you can go back to the gym and follow your own plans.

3. Find a partner

It’s easier to stay on track when you have a partner to keep you motivated. When you have a partner, the whole process of staying fit is easier.

4. Try something new  

The fourth of the seven ways to stay motivated to exercise during the holiday season is that instead of sticking to the good, old routine, this is a time when you should try something new, different and interesting. Maybe you want to try a new program or new gym, explore your interests and make your workouts more interesting.

5. Involve everyone else

Don’t be alone on this adventure. Take a daily walk with your family. Be active with your loved ones! Ice skating, sledding or snowball fighting will get the heart pumping.

6. Set your Goals 

Make sure you have small and achievable goals and follow your progress. You will feel better if you track your progress and achieve your daily/weekly/monthly goals.

7. Plan Short Workouts

Maybe you can’t work out for an hour as you did before the holiday season, but you can work out three times a day for 20 minutes.

And the last of the seven ways to stay motivated to exercise during the holiday season is to remind yourself why staying/being fit is important for you? Why are you going to the gym? Do you want to lose weight? Stay healthy? Write down your reasons and place them where you can see that reminder every day. Stay committed and stay fit.

written by Elvira Barucija

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