21 Day Fix Container sizes

The 21 Day Fix program has worked wonders for my attitudes about food. The container system has always made sense to me, and I like that I’m not just tracking the quantity of my food…I’m also tracking the quality of my food. You don’t need the containers to measure out your food, though…here are the 21 Day Fix container sizes.

The 21 Day Fix program - color scheme

  • Green Container = 1 cup
  • Purple Container = 1 cup
  • Red Container = 3/4 cup
  • Yellow Container = 1/2 cup
  • Blue Container = 1/3 cup
  • Orange Container = 2 T

So, you don’t need the containers to measure out your food – you can measure out your portions just like you would with any old measuring device. The benefit to the containers, though, is that it gives you a visual. After awhile, you get an idea of how much a serving size is supposed to be (like, really supposed to be, not what your brain is telling you it should be), and the containers aren’t necessary.

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That said, I often still use them – I bought a second set to have around the house (which is really helpful if you lose a lid or your kid has stolen them and turned them into bath toys without your knowledge…). But you might not always have the containers with you…and in a pinch, the sizes of the containers should be all you need.

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