15 Realistic Fitness Goals to Make This Year

You know how it goes — we all start out the year with aspirations to get fit, get healthy, and be our best selves. But when those goals are based on long-term ideas of how we want to look (“lose 10 pounds,” “go down a pants size,” “get abs,”) rather than short-term goals on how we want to feel, those goals fall through in a matter of months, or even weeks, and you feel let down, disappointed, and like a failure.

Break the cycle this year and make fitness goals based on what’s actually good for you, and goals that you’ll actually be able to stick to. When you focus on what your body can do, rather than how your body looks, you’ll start to appreciate it so much more, and want to give it more of what it needs to be its healthiest. If you’re looking for a little extra motivation to get you moving, look no further than Nordstrom. Not only do they have the best selection of activewear and sneakers, but they also have some of the most stylish accessories (think water bottles, wireless headphones, and super chic gym bags).

1. Try one new workout every month

Keeping the same exact routine when it comes to your fitness is never a good thing. For one, your body gets used to the same workouts, meaning you’ll plateau and won’t continue to get stronger. But also, if you stick to the same exact workout routine, you’ll get bored. Being bored will make you less likely to want to workout, but also you want be enjoying it, and guess what — exercising should be fun.

  • Always be looking for new opportunities to workout. Check out the classes your gym offers, say yes if your work friend invites you along on her run after work, or if you see a $10 first class deal at a yoga studio, do it.
  • Go for the opposite workout of what you’re used to. If you’re a gym rat who prefers weight training, try a dance class; or if you’re a diehard yogi, try an HIIT workout. Changing up the routine will not only help your body get stronger, but will help you enjoy the process, too.
  • Instead of stocking up on your usual gym uniform, go for more versatile pieces like sturdy leggings, sports bras, or light tanks (rather than gym shorts or cycling shoes that are specific for certain workouts).

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