Sunless Sea writer and Blackwell developer team up for urban vampire RPG Nighthawks

Nighthawks is largely inspired by the “urban fantasy” of Vampire: Bloodlines.

Sunless Sea writer Richard Cobbett—who occasionally writes for PC Gamer—and Blackwell developer Wadjet Eye jointly announced a new game today: Nighthawks, an “urban fantasy RPG” about living as an outcast vampire in a grim society.

“Enter a decaying city as a fledgling vampire out to climb from rags to riches,” the official site reads. “Feed your endless hunger. Run your own nightclub. Master secret powers. Embrace the night and live its stories … Then, as the fragile peace threatens to snap, be ensnared by modern politics and ancient conspiracies that will forever decide the fate of both human and vampire societies.”

We’ll learn more about Nighthawks when it arrives on Kickstarter next month. Details are scarce at this stage, but according to Cobbett, Nighthawks blends the literary style of Sunless Seas with “the dark atmosphere of beloved urban fantasy games like Vampire: Bloodlines.” Judging from its announcement trailer and some early images, it plays like a modern, grimdark adventure game driven by branching dialogue and interactions. There also seem to be several resources to manage, including your bank balance. Have a look:

By Austin Wood

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