Preview Footage Of Dark Souls Remastered Shows A Stable Blighttown

Blighttown is one of the most notorious settings in modern video games. Not just because it’s an ugly, dark cavern filled with poison swamps and nasty monsters ready to kill you at every turn. No, it’s infamous because it’s an ugly, dark cavern filled with poison swamps and nasty monsters with astonishingly awful framerate dips.

If you played through Dark Souls on PS3 or Xbox 360, then you know what I’m talking about. There are entire segments of Blighttown that slow down to resemble a slideshow. PC Players, with the help of some mods, have bypassed this problem for a while now, but console players have never known a stable experience with that area of the game.

Among the biggest questions surrounding Dark Souls Remastered is whether or not Blighttown’s framerate would be fixed, on all platforms. PAX East preview footage of the Switch version of Dark Souls Remastered has been making the rounds and it looks like the answer to that question is a definitive yes.

You can see for yourself here:

Solid, stable gameplay performance all the way through. Now this is the Switch version running and the PS4/Xbox One version supposedly runs at 60 FPS but since there’s no preview footage of those versions, we can’t verify that Blighttown runs stable (or at 60 FPS) in those versions. It stands to reason that they would, though given the boost in hardware power.

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Our Take
I’m sure there are a bunch of people who are excited for this and generally improvements to performance for a game are a good thing, but Dark Souls with a fixed Blighttown is almost sacrilegious to me. Among the game’s biggest, most insurmountable challenges were that area and the archers of Anor Londo. To remove that challenge, whether it was an unintentional challenge or not, removes something that was a fundamental element my experience with that game initially. Ah well. So it goes.

by Javy Gwaltney

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