Ninja breaks Fortnite streaming record with 667,000 concurrent viewers

Surpassing his own Drake-accompanied showing.

Drake and popular streamer Ninja smashed Twitch’s viewer record playing Fortnite last month, by drawing over 600,000 concurrent viewers. The streamer, whose real name is Tyler Blevins, has now surpassed his own record—having hit 667,000 concurrents during an exhibition event in Las Vegas.

As reported by ESPN (via, Ninja starred among other top-flight Fortnite players at the opening of the Las Vegas Esports Arena—a 30,000-square foot, multilevel forum housed within the city’s Luxor Resort and Casino.

Streamed live on Twitch, the event’s peak 667,000 concurrent viewers eclipsed Ninja and Drake’s prior outing by a stretch. ESPN reports Blevins was the third most interacted with person in March, behind Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James. Nevertheless, Blevins doesn’t consider himself famous.

“I don’t feel famous. I still have to pick my dog’s shit up when I go outside,” he tells ESPN. “I’m just a guy gaming. It feels good and I’m definitely starting to feel and think about things different, but it’s just a professional thing.”

Blevins adds: “I don’t think a game has ever done this. You have popular esports games like League of Legends and those are obviously super popular and competitive, but a game that’s gone viral and infected the world, really, especially with a younger audience, it hasn’t happened since Minecraft, in my opinion.”

Shortly after his first collaboration with Drake, we learned Blevins makes around $500,000 per month. Blevins again made headlines when he dropped a racial slur into a song where it wasn’t used, after which Twitch was forced to clarify its community guidelines.

Drizzy also fancies doing a Fortnite rap, apparently, but only if Epic gives him a Hotline Bling emote. What a time to be alive.

By Joe Donnelly


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