Steel Division 2 is the real deal if you’re into historical warfare and the assortment of vehicles and weapons that go along with it. The latest gameplay trailer showcases just these features as they are rendered in real-time in Steel Division 2’s Armory mode, but also in actual gameplay.

We’ve had an abundance of games set in WW2 so far, to the point where we’ve been experiencing setting fatigue for quite some time now, but seeing things play out in Steel Division 2 is something entirely different. In other words – the game is positively astonishing to watch.

This latest trailer, which arrives on the back of Gamescom 2018, also shows some engagements that are part of the game’s new Dynamic Strategic Campaigns. These campaigns will see players take charge of entire army corps, managing supplies and reinforcements along the way.

Steel Division 2 will be set on the Eastern Front, which is an aspect of WW2 less well-trod, thus offering a less familiar selection of vehicles and technologies for the players to peruse. And there’s gonna be a lot of stuff to choose from, with over 600 historically-accurate units spread across 18 new divisions.

Finally, if you subscribe to Eugen Systems’ newsletter via their official site, you will be given access to a special ‘Ace’ cosmetic once the game is out: that of Marcel Albert and his Yakovlev Yak-9T fighter plane. No word on the release date just yet, but you know where to find it once it’s announced.

By Filip Galekovic

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