Ex-Battlefield Dev Reveals Project Wight – A Viking monster game

An indie studio set up by Battlefield lead designer David Goldfarb named The Outsiders have revealed it’s first game, codenamed Project Wight. The game is a first-person monster Viking game that looks very appealing.

Looking at the walkthrough demo video, it looked in the style of a Skyrim style game, possibly with an open world but that has not been confirmed. The fun part of the game is, instead of playing the noble Viking, Beowulf-style character, you play as the monster. The video clearly shows monster progression as you start off as a young monster and grow into adulthood becoming stronger.

As a child, you must hide and survive from even the weakest of humans but once full grown and you have our monster fangs set to sharp, you can go on the hunt and take down the best the clans have to offer. The gameplay styles of the young and mature creatures seems drastically different, which will be interesting to see how they differ further.

The game is set in an alternate timeline in the Viking era where the world was shared between humans and a monster race that crawls on all fours. Now however, Humans have brought these monsters close to extinction and you must survive at any cost.

The visuals on offer so far in the reveal video look impressive. The game is being developed using unity and it’ll be curious to see if the game becomes a narrative focused game or a more open world focused affair.

By Michael Brown

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