Darksiders 2 deathinitively leads the PlayStation Plus free games lineup for December (also Kung Fu Panda)

The main attraction of the PlayStation Plus free games list for December 2017 is a remastered version of a game that came out in 2012. Stop rolling your eyes! Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition is actually pretty good! The rest of the lineup isn’t quite so strong, but at least it will give you a few new titles to try with friends and family over the holidays. This new crop of free PS Plus games should go live on December 5, so make sure you get your picks from the November selection before then.

December 2017 free PS Plus games

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition (PS4): Darksiders 2 was a great game, and this remastered version that bundles in the base game and all the DLC for PS4 is even better. If you only play one free PS Plus game in December, it should be this one. What actually is Darksiders 2? Um, think Zelda with Diablo loot in a heavy metal comic book world and you’re most of the way there.

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends (PS4): This game adaptation of the Kung Fu Panda film series does the sensible thing and turns it into a four-player Smash Bros-style throwdown. Should be good for a few matches with family over the holidays, at the very least.

Forma.8 (PS4, PS Vita): It’s a Metroidvania game where you play as a floating ball and everything looks like it snuck off the minimalist cover of a late ’60s sci-fi paperback. Works for me!

Syberia Collection (PS3): There still isn’t any other game like the Syberia series, for better and worse. Give this point-and-click adventure through a fantastical clockwork world a chance and you may find a secret new favorite. Or you may hate it. But hey, it’s free!

XBlaze Lost: Memories (PS3): You know the BlazBlue fighting games? This here is a visual novel set in the same universe – in fact, it’s a direct sequel to another visual novel, XBlaze Code: Embryo, which is a prequel to BlazBlue. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be anime as hell.

Wanted Corp (PS Vita): Hunt down bounties on the lam in this co-op, top-down shooter. Not enough of a sell for you? Alright, what if I told you that one of the two main characters is named “Neal H. Maddogg”?

Bonus PSVR game (free from November 7 through January 2): Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Bonus EU PS4 game:
 That’s You!

By Connor Sheridan

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