15 Nintendo Switch Games We Want Ported From Last-Generation

Developer Rockstar recently announced that it’s going support to Nintendo Switch. However, the title it announced is probably not one you were expecting: LA Noire. While the crime-solving adventure is an interesting addition, it got us thinking about the games from (mostly) last generation we’d really like to play on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s hybrid hardware is more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, so there’s a whole world of content to explore; it just requires developers and publishers willing to port that content over. You can read our previous list of Wii U games we want to see come to Nintendo Switch, but this will be our wishlist of last-generation non-Nintendo games that would be a perfect fit for Nintendo Switch.

These don’t need new features like motion-control or touchscreen maps; they’re just great games that still hold up. Our list is in no way comprehensive, so if we left off something you’d want to see yourself, let us know in the comments below!

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