Mini Mozzarella-and-Kale Pita Pizzas

We split the pitas in half before toasting so that the “crust” for the pizzas can get extra crisp. They’ll also be slightly shallow rather than flat, a perfect vessel for the sauce and toppings. Be sure to position your oven rack in the middle of the oven or just above before preheating the broiler. The heat will be less direct this way, allowing the thin pitas to crisp without burning and for the cheeses to melt evenly. Baby kale is a fantastic all-purpose green: hearty yet tender, delicious fresh or sautéed. It’s a great introduction to greens other than lettuce or spinach.

Mini Mozzarella-and-Kale Pita Pizzas
Photo: Jennifer Causey
Total Time – 20 Mins
Yield – Serves 4 (serving size: 3 mini pizzas)

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