3 Tips Everyone Should Know Before Buying Meat

But in order to have the perfect meat to present during your gathering, you should know the type of meat you should buy and the way to cook it perfectly. We’ve gathered for you all the information you will need before visiting the butcher this year to pick out the meat.

The Color

Before picking out the meat, you need to closely look at the color and shape of the meat. The color should be rosey. If it looks more on the red or brown side, that means it’snot as fresh and that it is closer to going bad. You also need to analyze the fat distribution, if the veins of fat are spread across the meat richly then that means it’s a really good piece. But if the fat is mostly concentrated in one part then it most likely came from an older sheep and it would be harder and take longer to cook, while also having a less rich taste and in need of more spices.

The Big Pieces

A big part of the Eid celebrations is tons of gatherings and for that reason, you might want to go for bigger pieces of meat. You should cut and divide it right before the first day of Eid because uncut meat remains fresh and healthier for longer. You can use it in a lot of ways, like grilling or cutting it as a steak or even using a part of it as minced meat. By having a lot of options like these it would give you the opportunity of presenting different plates of the meat in your gathering. This will also help you save almost 20 percent less than if you would have bought all these pieces individually.

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Minced Meat

Do not buy minced meat, what you should do is pick out the fresh piece of meat that would be suitable for mincing. For example, some people prefer to have some fat in their minced meat and others don’t. So pick based on your preference, and mince it on the same day so it will hold its rich taste.

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