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It’s been a fun week getting to know my 21 Day Fix Challengers. I’ve got a great group of ladies who are super motivated and excited to start the program tomorrow. Throughout this week we’ve been preparing meal plans and putting binders together with everything they need to be successful during the next 21 days of the challenge.

I’m doing the challenge right along with them, so I made a 21 Day Fix menu this week myself. It’s based on the 21 Day Fix container system and also clean eating principles.

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Whether you’re doing the 21 Day Fix or just eating clean, I think you’ll find some ideas here for making your own meal plan.  Many of the things on the menu are basic clean whole foods.  Below the meal plan, I’ll link to all the recipes I used.  If you’d like to print a copy of the meal plan to use for ideas when planning your own, click on the photo for a larger, printable version.


This meal plan is based on the 1800-2099 calorie range, so adjust based on your own calorie range.

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