Wool Skirt DIY

The mini is back!

What You’ll Need

  •     Fabric
  •     Fabric Marker
  •     Fabric Scissors
  •     Sewing Machine
  •     Measuring Tape
  •     Pattern Making Ruler
  •     Pins

Lay a skirt, or a paper pattern on the wrong side of the fabric. The paper pattern we’re using here is copied from an existing skirt. Trace around and cut. You should end up with a complete mirrored front piece, and two separate back pieces.

Cut the pieces for a waistband as well. A long strip of rectangular fabric the same length as your waist will do. Cut two sets of this pattern and sew them together on the top seam.

Sew the darts on the skirt pieces first if you decide to add them for a more form-fitting skirt.

Sew down the side seams of the skirt, and attach the waistband. Leave the back center seam open, we will install a zipper in the next step.

The final step is to install an invisible zipper. A more detailed step-by-step on installing invisible zippers can be found here.

By Geneva V

Source apairandasparediy.com

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