Sunburst Mirror

Everyone assumes we either bought this mirror at some high end furniture store or its an authentic antique from the 1960s…

This big, sunburst mirror had very humble beginnings, and started out like this:

A huge store mirror, kabob sticks, some rustoleum gold metallic spray paint and my glue gun.

One rainy, cold day, when the pups and us were trapped indoors, I thought I’d attempt this mind numbing project. I’d seen the diy sunburst mirror made from paint sticks and wood shims but really hesitant to try with kabob sticks. Maybe because this might have something to do with it…

And this…(an hour later)…

The actual project is really simple and easy, but I recommend watching a marathon of your favorite TV show when attempting to hot glue hundreds of kabob sticks.

As you can see I had traced out a star pattern on the back as a guide. Once all the glue had dried,i spray paint it. I taped the actual mirror surface with painters tape to avoid spraying it gold. (Warning: large mirrors like this with pointed wooden sticks are incredibly awkward and somewhat heavy to try moving and hang by yourself– also one of the reasons we didn’t get a chance to take pictures)

Now we have our big, faux designer Sunburst mirror to go along with our big, diy, faux midcentury buffet?

Honestly the mirror was intended as 1960s party decor but I think we’ll keep it up for awhile. (It’s grown on me) Plus it looks just elegant enough to be mistaken for a Z gallery or pier 1 design. (Not kabob sticks held together with hot glue) Happy Sunday everyone!


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