Ribbed Crop Top

Hey guys! Looking for an easy wardrobe update for the summer or your next poolside hang out?  Look this DIY Ribbed / Bandage Crop Top.

You need

Ribbed Crop Top


  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric

How To Do

  1. Take one of the tubes, and put over your body. We’ve used a mannequin to show you how to do it but it works better to do it on yourself.
  2. Place the other one over the other side of you, so that it covers your bust in a cross shape.
  3. Arrange and pin the two tubes so they completely cover your bust. The place where you need to be careful is under the arms, make sure they cover your bra line if you plan on wearing a strapless bra.
  4. Finally, using your needle and thread sew the two loops together at the back and the front where they overlap. Sew along the edge using an invisible stitch (longer at the back and shorter at the front) to secure in place.

Source – apairandasparediy.com


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